Frequently Asked Questions for the Digital Learning for the K-8 Classroom course

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital literacy is the complete set of skills necessary for individuals to participate in digital spaces, and to fully harness and make meaningful use of the affordances of technology in the form of smartphones, computers, laptops, etc. Digital learning is learning that is facilitated by the direct or indirect use of technology or digital tools. The implementation of digital learning in a classroom is crucial to developing digital literacies as well as digitally literate people.

We recognize that understanding theory is not what makes a good teacher so the focus of the course is on analyzing, critiquing and creating practical strategies and activities that you can implement in your classroom straight away. However, developing an inquiry into your practice requires an understanding of major teaching and learning theories, therefore certain elements of the course are based on theory and research.

You will learn how to assess digital tools in order to choose the tool that best suits your pedagogical style and the content at hand.

This course was designed by educators, for educators and was peer-reviewed by education experts at Teachers College, Columbia University. Many courses that promote digital literacy are designed by technology experts and can lack a focus on its application to teaching practices.

As with digital tools, you will learn to consider the affordances of technology at your disposal as well as the placement of this technology in the learning. You will also be tasked with developing work using a variety of tools and technology allowing you to get to know them first hand so you can apply your newfound knowledge straight into your practice.

You will be required to access the course through an internet connection, beyond that, we’ll encourage and support you to try new tools and technology to enhance your digital practice! If that makes you nervous, consider that the feelings/thoughts you will experience will be what your students face when trying new tools and technology – that alone will enhance your practice.

Yes! Course participants will be invited to join a teacher community where they can post/share assignments, lesson plans and insights. There is also a course hashtag – #TCDigitalLiteracy – that learners can use to connect with each other on social media.

None. Participants are not required to hold a Bachelor’s degree or teaching license in order to enroll.