Digital Learning for the K-8 Classroom

Digital learning and digital literacies play an increasingly vital role in a student’s ability to succeed both in school and throughout their lives. Recharge your teaching skills for the 21st century classroom with digital literacy training from the top-ranked Teachers College, Columbia University.

Course Details

Start Date
Course Type
Online, self-paced
30 hours
30 CTLEs (Continuing Teacher and Leader Education)

About the Course

Award-winning educator, Detra Price-Dennis and the top-ranked Teachers College, Columbia University, have partnered with top professional development platform Teach Away to deliver online digital literacy training that helps K-8 educators maximize student learning outcomes in the classroom.

To gain the critical 21st-century skills students need to survive and succeed in our world, it is vital that they access new digital learning models that not only enhance their learning experience, but also guide them towards becoming effective digital citizens.

After completing this teacher-created course, K-8 teachers will be prepared to cultivate not only their own digital literacy skillset, but those of their students as well. With an emphasis on cutting-edge theory and research on digital learning in the context of the K-8 classroom, teachers in this course will learn the practical strategies and gain the insights they need to be successful educators in the 21st century classroom.

Teachers taking this course will not only be able to evaluate digital tools and technology and their application in the K-8 classroom, they will also learn how – and when – to incorporate digital tools and technology into their curriculum in useful and creative ways. Finally, teachers will learn how to build lesson plans that improve students’ digital literacy and ability to succeed inside and outside of the classroom.

What you'll learn

After taking this course, participants will be able to:

Shift their teaching practice with theoretical knowledge and practical ideas to directly impact students’ development of digital literacies.

Develop strategies for selecting pedagogically and content-driven digital tools and technology.

Establish methods to build curriculum and assessments for innovative teaching that enhances and evaluate the various skills involved in advancing digital literacies.

Why take the Digital Learning for the K-8 Classroom course?

Developed by educators, for educators

You’ll learn first-hand from an experienced educator and expert on digital literacy on how to evaluate and assess what the best technology tools are, as well as when you need to use these to reach all types of learners in your classroom.

Practical takeaways

You’ll get access to resources, including lesson plans and worksheets, that can be implemented in your classroom right away.

Quality course content, by world-renowned faculty

Teachers College, Columbia University and award-winning educator, Detra Price-Dennis, have partnered with leading professional development provider, Teach Away, to create an online course that helps close the digital skills gap between teachers and students in today’s classrooms.

Who is this course for?

This course has been developed to help aspiring, preservice and practicing K-8 teachers refine and refresh their teaching practice for the 21st century classroom.